Procurement Services

Are you wondering how to purchase goods from China or any other country? Worry no more, procurement in China and around is just amazing with us. We can assist you to purchase and produce any product of your choice. Buying from Chinese websites such as,,, and with Candor becomes very easy and affordable. Contact us share your link, connect your supplier and let’s bargain on your behalf.

It takes just 4 simple steps:

  • Place your orders through our site
  • Receive your proforma invoice within 24hrs
  • Confirm your request based on your specifications as stated in the proforma invoice and
  • Make payment to the account specify on your proforma invoice to commence your purchase.

Get your update after 4days of all your procurement and relax to receive your goods in 5 to 7 days in Ghana.

Pricing Policy
We understand the market and knows the purchasing power of the people. We are dedicated to the growing of your business hence our pricing policy is very attractive and accommodative. All chargers include both shipping and clearing fees to our head office in Ghana. Community pick up points are just so flexible and adjustable based on each location. 

Let Us Buy and Ship For You

There is a 10% service charge on all purchases, excluding shipping cost

Air Cargo Pricing

Item (kg) Price Per Kg
0.1 kg to 25 kg $12 per kg
26kg and above $11 per kg

Sea Cargo Pricing

Size (CBM) Price Per CBM
0.1 CBM to 25 kg $330 per CBM
26 CBM and above $320 per CBM

Procurement service charge is 5% on total cost of Procurement

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