We offer all types of shipping and related servces

Candor Ghana shipping and procurement

Shipping from China to Ghana and vice versa

Candor Ghana is registered freight forwarder in Ghana and China. We serve our customers with delightful services to and fro Ghana and China with ease.

Candor Ghana shipping and procurement

Air Cargo Services

People always ask can you deliver it very fast? But the key question is Do you want it very fast? It’s your call – and with our in-depth logistics expertise, we’ll arrange everything accordingly.

Candor Ghana shipping and procurement

Sea Freight Services

We help clients reduce equipment shipping costs by offering movement by ocean vessel. We understand, when shipping by sea, the goal is to lower cost without increasing risk of loss or damage.

Candor Ghana shipping and procurement

Procurement Service

Are you wondering how to purchase goods from China or any other country? Worry no more, procurement in China and around is just amazing with us. We can assist you to purchase and produce any product of your choice.

Candor Ghana shipping and procurement

Scholarship Services

We can assist you get your dream school in China, just link up to the opportunity.


Which countaries do you ship from?

Currently we ship from China to other African countries.

Which types of goods do you ship?

We ship all kinds battery goods and all other normal goods.
We do not ship liquid and powered goods.

Are my goods safe you?

Once your goods arrive in our office for shipment they become our personal properties until they arrive and delivered to you. Hence we have the policy RYBI. Receive it as you brought it.

Can I afford your charges?

Our charges are one of the most affordable in the market. Try it and thank us later.

What if my goods get lost?

Once you have gone through the necessary process with us and your goods get lost we will take absolutely responsibility to purchase the exact items back.

Do you have refund policies ?

Depending on the final agreement in relation to the kind of item the customer is shipping.