Candor’s most critical mission is to provide a competitive advantage to clients by providing a reliable and personalized logistical support system that is accurate, concise, and dependable to our customers. We approach every need of our customers with the utmost flexibility because we concentrate not on the processes but on the end result—timely delivery of shipments.

Candor Ghana Ltd., with its affiliated office in China, takes between 7 and 14 days to deliver goods by air from China to Ghana, and a minimum and maximum of 35 and 60 days by sea, respectively. We deal in air and sea cargo, container booking, door-to-door delivery, and clearance. Your growth in business as a customer is our top priority. 

Air Cargo Delivery

  1. CANDOR sends air cargo every Friday and it takes 7 to 14 days for normal goods and 15 to 20 days for battery goods. (Minus any unexpected circumstances).
  2. The minimum kg for air cargo delivery is 1kg (Packages less than 1kg will be assumed as 1kg)

Sea Cargo Delivery

  1. CANDOR ships by sea 2 to 3 times a month and it takes 35 to 45 days to arrive at the port in Ghana and needs 7-10 days for clearance. (Minus any unexpected circumstances)
  2. The minimum CBM acceptable for sea cargo shipment is 0.2cbm. (Shipments less than 0.2cbm attracts a flat rate of 50$ or CANDOR can decide to use the weight method)
  3. Loading days are estimations and not exact dates. The container can only be loaded when goods are up to the minimum CBM for a 40ft container. (This implies that CANDOR will not ship the container unless the container is full).
  4. The vessel leaves the shores of China 10-14 days after Loading. This period is for Chinese customs inspection and clearance.


  1. Air cargo prices are based on kilos (weights). Payment before delivery
  2. Sea Cargo prices are based on CBM for all normal goods. (Payments are strictly in line with the stipulated period stated on the client’s invoice)
  3. Industrial Machines and Heavy duties attract an extra $60 per CBM (Payments are strictly in line with the stipulated period stated on the client’s invoice)
  4. The Container Demurrage fee will be transferred to customers who failed to pay their invoices on time and did also not apply for payment on the arrival contract.
  5. Packaging fee 10$ per box. There is a 10% service charge for the procurement of goods. With more links, the 10% will be struck to 5%. First-timers will have no service charge for their first procurement with us.


  1. Non-declaration of items will not be shipped and seized by CANDOR. Untruthful declaration of products attracts severe penalties, especially for dangerous cargo like batteries, liquids, weapons, and drugs.
  2. CANDOR is not liable for the quantity, sizes, and quality of Products that are not procured, or links shared to/by CANDOR.
  3. CANDOR is liable to products procured through CANDOR procurement service.
  4. Fragile items procured by customers should be well packaged by their suppliers before sending to our warehouse. Damages to these items are not the liability of CANDOR. CANDOR will not be financially responsible for client negligence.
  5. CANDOR will refund twice the freight cost of lost items that have been confirmed on receipt by CANDOR warehouse in China (If all evidence proves the item belongs to the customer).
  6. CANDOR does not inspect the contents of any Package sent to the warehouse, failure to declare items is prohibited and comes with severe punishment especially when the container is detained based on an unknown package.

Delays on Shipments

  1. CANDOR may transport Parcels in cooperation with some other freight truck transportation company or another transportation facility such as ETHIOPIA CARGO, DHL, FedEx, and UPS for AIR CARGO and PIL, COSCO, and EMC for SEA CARGO. CANDOR depends on the time periods of the above airlines and shipping companies to transport goods by air and sea respectively. CANDOR’s liability Shall not include that of Delay since rules and regulations of different jurisdictions vary during transport, however, CANDOR will compensate customers when necessary.
  2. CANDOR shall not be liable for any indirect damages. This means that CANDOR shall not be liable for indirect damages incurred consequentially. Such indirect damages include, but are not limited to, damages due to lost profit, interest, loss of utility, and loss of business opportunity.

Pick Up of Packages

  1. Packages should be carefully checked before picking them up. NB: Items transported to customers’ houses before complaints will not be the liability of CANDOR.
  2. Items that overstay in the Ghana warehouse for more than 5 working days attract Ghc5 per CBM warehouse charge every day.
  3. Confirm the number of packages indicated on your invoice to what is available before picking up goods. 
  4. Goods shipped and cleared out of port without payment and no application of payment on arrival will be auctioned after 15 working days of overstay in the warehouse.


  1. CANDOR will continue to make logistics a give-and-take opportunity for all customers. To be part of all our promotions we urge our customers to download our Mobile APP by searching for CANDOR GHANA on Google PlayStore or iOS.
  2. All customers registered on the mobile App and provided their reviews are entitled 3% discount on their sea cargo shipment.
  3. Customers who book shipments on our website or Mobile APP can easily enter promotional coupons to benefit from all promotions.